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As an entrepreneur, you know what it means to make decisions. Every decision you make has lasting effects. These effects are widespread. Your decisions affect you, your business, employees, your family, and your customers. Despite this pressure, you make these decisions every day.

Your personal wealth and company’s financial well-being is essential to your future success and growth. Mismanaged or neglected wealth planning and missed investment opportunities will diminish or even ruin an otherwise healthy business. This is true regardless of your service or product, and no matter how well you know your market.

It is nearly impossible to give your finances the attention needed. But proper attention can ensure your goals are achieved. You need expert guidance and management of financial matters according to your needs. You have built your business and know everything about it. I want to know it just as well.

I am a Senior Investment Advisor with Assante, proudly helping business owners take control of their financial futures. I have worked with entrepreneurs and decision-makers in small businesses and large corporations. With over 20 years of experience in financial and wealth management, I have narrowed my focus to deliver specialized services to entrepreneurs in all industries.

You need financial strategies that avoid pitfalls and seize every opportunity. I will help implement strategies that work for you according to your goals as a business owner. I offer specific insight into the constantly changing financial world so you are never taken by surprise.

Contact me today to begin safely growing your wealth.

Michael Martella
Senior Investment Advisor
Assante Capital Management Ltd.

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